Jayhood Reclaims "Heartbroken" From DJ Khaled With a Star-Studded Remix

It comes days after he claimed his remix of T2's 2007 single “inspired” DJ Khaled’s new collaboration with Drake, "To the Max."

by Krystal Rodriguez
Jun 8 2017, 8:16pm

From L to R: Jayhood, DJ Khaled, and Drake.

Earlier this week, Neward producer Jayhood hit Twitter to claim that his 2010 remix of T2's "Heartbroken" "inspired" the beat for DJ Khaled and Drake's latest collaboration, "To the Max." The track, produced by South Florida artist JayO, seems to be based off of JayO's 2015 song "Get Em Right Mix," but Jayhood noted that the "Heartbroken" vocal sample used were the "exact same chops" from his remix, and not from the original. "My drop is even in there," he told The FADER.

Jayhood stated there was "no bad blood" from his side—"Jersey we know what it is and that's all that matters!"—but his latest move is a bit of a sly wink at the situation. Today, he shared a new version of his "Heartbroken" remix in which he collaborated with fellow Jersey club stalwarts Nadus, DJ Sliink, and Adolf Joker. The updated track in turn seems to flip a sample from "To the Max" (notably the "get em right" vocal sample and hand percussion) into its own frenetic, chopped-up piece. Listen to it below.

Last month, Jayhood released a collaboration with Fetty Wap, "I'm Ballin." He also recently released his debut album, King.