Inside a Bus Full of Women Headed to DC for the Women's March

"For me, this started out as something I wanted to do for my daughter, granddaughter, and daughters-in-law. But it's bigger than that; it's not just for the girls. It's for my sons and grandsons too—to make a better life."

by Alison Datko
Jan 21 2017, 5:18pm

It's 3:26 AM on January 21, and I'm on a bus. With the exception of my dimly glowing laptop screen, it's completely dark, and most of my fellow passengers are resting up in preparation for the busy day ahead. My mother is asleep in the seat next to me, huddled under a fleece travel blanket, her head resting against the foggy window.

We're heading north on I-85 toward Washington, D.C. in a five-bus convoy that departed Greenville, South Carolina at 10:00 PM Friday night. We're on our way to the march.

Our group, which is sponsored by Greenville Democratic Women and the Greenville Democrat Party and includes nearly 300 demonstrators, will be meeting up with a couple hundred thousand others in just a few hours to join the Women's March on Washington.

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