Iglooghost's New Abra Remix Might Make You Weep

The Brainfeeder producer's glossy flip of "Crybaby" is as stunningly emotive as the original.

Sep 7 2016, 4:06pm

Single art for Iglooghost's remix of Abra's "Crybaby."

Atlanta songwriter/producer Abra's summer EP Crybaby proved her a master of gentle yearning. Drawing on freestyle, funk, and R&B of years gone by, the release was the sort of thing you throw on during a hot August afternoon and then end up weeping over a nostalgia for long-lost loves you never even experienced. It's moving stuff, and today she's back with help from Brainfeeder producer Iglooghost to put a slight spin on that sound.

The UK producer adds a futurist sheen to the title track, adding a host of fluorescent synth sounds to the sunny original that give the whole thing a sickly neon-lit glow. Abra's longing vocal is still the star, but it's sped up, warped slightly—and the results are a little more urgent and anxious. The effect's still moving, but now it sounds more like you're missing out on a future you may not live to see than a past you didn't live through.

Iglooghost offered his own take via email, explaining that this was a more restrained process than his own solo stuff (emphasis his). "The original "Crybaby" was packed full of sooo many moments that were so nuts to me so I was really excited to try and do my own lil spin on it," he wrote. "My regular solo Iglooghost stuff is usually super saturated & I guess there's an emphasis on fitting as many sounds in as I can—but for this Abra thingy I relly wanted to do something really restrained and more based on speedy lil recurring simple melodies/motifs. In my head, it sounds like a little water spirit girl crying in a zen garden ಢ︵ಢ."

Listen and weep below.

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