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Berlin's Best Tattoo Artists, According To Sonic Groove's Degenetic Origins

The tattoo artist/producer gives his ink endorsements and debuts a full-stream of his new EP for Sonic Groove

by Joshua Glazer
Oct 7 2015, 2:17pm

Thinking about moving to Berlin and putting "vegan tattoo artists" on your visa application while secretly producing Berghain-ready techno tracks on the side? Too late. That particular niche is already taken by Swedish expat Andreas Andreasson (aka Diagenetic Origin), who has been inking some of Berlin's best bodies from toes to throat while unleashing annual recorded output on Adam X's legendary Sonic Groove imprint since 2012.

THUMP's got the premiere of his latest, the Golden Age EP, down below. But first we asked Andreas to tell us about some of his favorite tattoo artists living and working in his adopted home, so you can be adequately inked for those long shirtless nights on the dance floor.

1. Lars Uwe

Lars works at Loxodrom Tattoo. I've been dreaming of getting a tattoo from Lars for a long time. From what I've heard he seems to be a very interesting guy. I once worked with a guy that had his hands and a sleeve done by Lars and it was mind blowing to look at. Unfortunately I don't have any tattoos from him yet.

2. Björn Liebner

Björn is working at Red Chapel Tattoo. His artwork is crazy good but I don't have any tattoos from him.

3. Iban Maya

Iban also works at Red Chapel Tattoo. My friend who runs the Crime City Disco record label has some tattoos from Iban and I can't stop staring at them when I meet him. It's one of the best feelings in the world to see clean, smooth tattoos that flows with a person's body. I don't have any tattoos from him.

4. Daniel Gensch

Daniel works at Brust oder Keule. Don't know anything about him except that his work is amazing. I don't have any tattoos from him.

5. Carly Kroll

Carly is my co-worker at the vegan tattoo shop Little Bird Tattoo. She makes awesome and cute tattoos. I got a lobster tattoo and a naked Taurus woman tattoo from her, even though her is very far away from what I normally put on my body — I'm covered in melting faces and morphed creatures tattoos. But I love the ones she's done on me and her cute fits so perfectly on her and her customers. She's great!

Keep tabs on Andrea's latest tattoo work via Instagram.