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20 Questions with Birthday Boy (And a Brand New Remix)

Guess who Birthday Boy would DJ in his birthday suit for?
August 27, 2014, 9:12pm

Last week, the interwebs were all a buzz with news that Birthday Boy had dropped his debut EP, Colours over at Noisey. This week he's keeping up his title as king of after-hours funk with this brand new remix of Pablo Nouvelle's Finding You. He also agreed to play 20 Questions, to keep your eyes busy while your ears soak up the sublime grooves of this track.

1. Toronto or Montreal: who's got better style?
Toronto if you're at the right spot.

2. Ramen or tacos?
Tacos baby. Tierra Azteca Dufferin and Bloor.

3. Tequila or bourbon?

**4. Your very first proper date: Adorable and memorable, or supremely awkward? ** Oh man, super awkward. I tried to sit at the same side of the table and she was like 'what are you doing?'

**5. If you had to be a type of warrior from history, what would it be and why? ** The Dream Warriors.

6. Day parties or after-parties?

7. Where would you rather live: NYC or LA?
New York.

8. You would only DJ butt naked for:

9. Three most embarassing tracks on your computer:
My own stuff from grade 10.

10. Joints: with filters or without?

11. Most memorable party you accidentally ended up at:
Loft parties at my man's Mix Chopin, I'm always going up by accident.

12. You are stuck in a room for three hours, no ins-or-outs. For your entertainment, would you rather a three hour Steve Aoki set at full volume with all the works, or watching Miley Cyrus trying to twerk (again, three hours...):

13. Jon Stewart or John Oliver?

14. Weirdest situation you've found yourself in...
At an after hours with my mom.

15. Awkwardest thing you've pulled trying to impress a girl...
We got this local delicacy called 5050 which is an alcoholic beverage available all night. Tried to sample it for a girl who was too bougie for it's drinking container... Which was a plastic jug. It was awkward when I made her leave.

16. How do you drink your coffee?

17. You can go back and be part of the rise of any music genre in history. Which would it be?
Right now, and don't get me excited!

18. A free Prius or a half-price Harley?
Prius tings.

19. Big electronic festivals: yay or nay?
Haven't been able to get to one yet but I will. I get all weird and stage envious sometimes.

20. When's your birthday?
Every day.