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Matmos Get Clean in a Video for an Excerpt from Their Washing Machine-Sourced LP

The Baltimore duo will also take their Whirlpool Ultimate Care II out on tour.

by Colin Joyce
Feb 2 2016, 4:40pm

Baltimore's preeminent prankster academics, Matmos, shared a new video of an excerpt from their upcoming Ultimate Care II LP today, which is sourced entirely from the sounds of their home washing machine. The metallic pings and swooshes collected in "Excerpt 3" showcase the duo working with the machine in its most abstract state, processing loops to a point of sensuous anonymity. That's mirrored in the strange clip accompanying it, in which digital renderings of washing machines warp and shimmer, and unsettling found footage of people interacting with these household items commingle. The domestic becomes abstract and absurd.

Along with that clip, the duo of Drew Daniel and M.C. Schmidt has also announced a short run of tour dates in support of the album, during which a Whirlpool Ultimate Care II machine will be on stage with them. Check out the video up above and the dates down below. Ultimate Care II is out on Thrill Jockey Records on February 19.

Matmos tour dates:

February 20 – Baltimore, MD @ Floristree
March 15 – Chicago, IL @ Thalia Hall
March 19 – Brooklyn, NY @ National Sawdust
April 13 – Philadelphia, PA @ International House

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