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Someone Is Selling Original 1990s Rave Tapes at an Awesome Price

Yes, on actual tapes.

by Joshua Glazer
Oct 9 2015, 7:13pm

If you went to a rave anywhere in the Midwest from, say, 1995 to 2001, odds are that, at some point, you passed a vending table covered with glowsticks, t-shirts, and mixtapes for sale, y'know, like, on actual tapes. These tapes were the primary way in which dance music was shared in the age before the Internet drowned us, for better or worse, in the deluge of clickable selections.

Some titles could sell tens of thousands of copies, and no raver worth their phat pants would be caught without at least a dozen of these hiss-laden bad boys in their glove compartment. They were a major component of the informal economy of the underground scene.

One of the biggest distributors of mixtapes was Milwaukee-based Massive Magazine, whose below-the-board industry of mixtape vending was vital to spreading the gospel of Midwest rave music. And it appears the recently revitalized brand found a whole pile of dead stock in someone's storage unit and is clearing them out at the rock-bottom price of $3.99 per cassette

Even better, Massive is selling giant multi-packs of these ancient artifacts, featuring Midwest legends like Terry Mullan, Phantom 45 and Snuggles, for just $20-$34. Of course, you'll need to shell out a bit more on finding a Toyota Supra with a working tape deck, but we swear it'll be worth it when the auto-reverse flips to Side B.

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