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These 499 Resident Advisor Podcasts Will Eradicate That "Jingle Bells" Earworm

The 500th podcast will drop on Monday.

by Michael Scott Barron
Dec 27 2015, 12:06am

On Monday, Resident Advisor will release it's 500th Podcast featuring a yet-to-be-revealed DJ (though we have ideas).

To celebrate the occasion, Resident Advisor has set up a microsite where you can listen to all 499 installments that make up the archive, from Troy Pierce (RA001) to DJ Paypal (RA499). The vast and rich archive, recorded over the span of a decade, includes "club mixes that form the series' core, live sets, mixtapes, label showcases, sound collages and soundtracks for imaginary films." As Resident Advisor succinctly put it themselves: "it's a Christmas miracle indeed."

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