Yeah Buddy, the New 'Jersey Shore' Reunion Trailer Is Here

"We're older, but I don't think many of us are wiser."

by River Donaghey
Mar 16 2018, 4:09pm

Image via screenshot

It's finally happening. After six years off the air, MTV is bringing Pauly D, Ronnie, JWoww, Mike "The Situation," Vinny, Deena, and Snooki together again for a Jersey Shore reunion this April—and from the look of the new trailer that dropped Thursday, everyone is back on their bullshit.

Everybody's a little older and a little lumpier now, but they're all as sloppy as ever. The minute-and-a-half-long trailer for Jersey Shore Family Vacation is a whirlwind of drinking, fist pumps, sweaty hugs, and a few incoherent screams as the whole crew—minus Sammi—makes their glorious reunion in Miami for some inexplicable reason.

This new trailer isn't much more in-depth than that lightning-fast teaser we saw a few months back, but at least it gives us a whole lot of bonkers soundbites to make sure we know that this isn't going to be some stolid, Big Chill-style reunion. They may all be around 30 with kids and white-collar crime charges now, but that's apparently all the more reason to go "harder than [they've] ever gone before."

"We're older, but I don't think many of us are wiser," Ronnie says in the trailer.

"As we age, we just get more... delinquency? What's the word?" Snooki adds, before the thing cuts to a shot of her downing a beer bong and then sipping pickle juice out of a massive jar, because why not?

"I feel like we're classy now," JWoww says at one point. Uh, it doesn't really look like it, which is good news all around. The first season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation hits MTV on April 5. It's already been picked up for a second season, so get ready for more Jersey Shore until The Situation's in a nursing home and JWoww has grandkids or whatever. Yeah, buddy!

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