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Detach from Life and Watch Carly Rae Jepsen's "Cut to the Feeling" Video

Queen of meta-videos.

by Phil Witmer
Sep 15 2017, 3:35pm


Hey. Hey! Do you see and hear all that bullshit around you right now? Yeah? Turn it off. Literally just flip all those switches and press those buttons until there's nothing left but the YouTube link above you. There is a new Carly Rae Jepsen video in the world and nothing can or should ruin the pure joy of this moment.

It's for "Cut to the Feeling," the worthy Emotion outtake that ended up in both the animated film Leap! and in the depths of our otherwise cold hearts. The clip follows CRJ as she embarks on goofy antics while preparing to shoot the video that you end up watching halfway through. So this is both a behind-the-scenes look and a music video all in one. It's postmodernism, don't worry about it. What does matter is that this song still bops mightily and is CRJ's greatest mission statement of pursuing irrational, transcendent romance in all avenues of life. Be grateful, you plebeians, because you don't deserve this. I already told you to watch the video but embrace "Cut to the Feeling" above.

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