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Atlanta Zoo Settles Super Bowl Bet By Naming Hissing Cockroach After Tom Brady

Atlanta's consolation prize for making the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history possible is a hissing cockroach named Tom Brady.

by Sean Newell
Feb 14 2017, 6:48pm

A common Super Bowl thing all municipalities engage in is the friendly Super Bowl bet. Usually the mayors of the team's respective cities agree to send the winner a sampling of local beer or food products or whatever, but the zoos in Atlanta and Providence—hey, New England is a big place—went a different route this year. They decided that the loser would have to name a baby animal after the winner's quarterback. However! Guessing (correctly) that the loser would be pretty salty, they agreed upon a less than savory beast: the hissing cockroach.

From Zoo Atlanta's Instagram page:

"Well ... the New England Patriots won #SuperBowlLI, so that means we lost our bet with Roger Williams Park Zoo & Carousel Village. Before the game, our two zoos decided the losing side would name one of their baby animals after the winning team's star quarterback, and figuring the losing side would be pretty bitter about it, we came to the agreement that baby animal ... would be a Madagascar hissing cockroach. So without further ado - Meet our newly-named Program Animal family!"

It's doubtful that Atlanta anticipated being greatest-comeback-in-Super-Bowl-history salty, but at least this was their consolation prize. The zoo did not stop there, however, and renamed a whole bunch of hissing cockroaches; the newborn Tom joins Mike, Carol, Jan, Greg, Bobby, Peter, Cindy, and Marsha to form a true Brady Bunch. Of hissing cockroaches.

h/t Extra Mustard