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Listen to The New Tarot's Complicated Love Song for America

The New York-based indie band delivers a new song that's both simple and complex, just like the country that it's about.

by Noisey Staff
Dec 28 2016, 8:34pm

You know, America is weird. It's this giant experiment in democracy that doesn't work but for some reason we keep trying anyway. To some that would be considered insanity. For others that's just fodder for a song. Obviously, we're here to talk about the latter.

The New Tarot is a witchy indie rock band, made up of sisters Karen (vocals/keyboard) and Monika Walker (vocals/guitar), along with Chas Langston on drums, Dave Kahn on bass, Beth Callen on guitar and David Banker on trombone. The New York band formed in 2014, put out three EPs, and now are channeling their talents into a fourth release, their first full-length record. Their guitar-heavy synth pop perfectly compliments their lyrics about mental health, relationships, politics, and self-worth.

Today, we're premiering "America," a love song The New Tarot has written for the country. It's the debut single off their first album, and though it was penned before the election, in recent months it has taken on a new, meatier meaning.

"It came out all at once," Monika told Noisey. The track is part of their upcoming LP, which revolves around the experience of a singular character named John. At the end of the record he has to come to terms with his strange, messed up reality, and according to Monika, the song "America" is his process of accepting it.

"The song especially is balancing between hopeful and 'we need to actually look at what's going on in a realistic way' kind of thing," says Monika.

"I'm so wonderful, yeah, I'm screwed up, so full of myself, I'm never good enough, America," the Walkers sing, "Home of the free and chained, didn't know the promised land was promised to them, America, I wanna understand my love."

Listen to "America" below.

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