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Kinship Welcomes The New Year With “Close Talker”

With UK garage and soul at its core, this track can do no wrong.

by Tony Stathos
Jan 7 2015, 9:30pm

Photo by André Varela

I first discovered Kinship while digging through Cyril Hahn's SoundCloud likes—a promising place to be found as an uprising producer. Like Cyril, Kinship is based out of Vancouver and has a knack for repurposing soulful vocal hooks. The result? A catalog of songs that's highly addictive and immensely enjoyable.

During a long stint of isolation in the Northern Canadian wilderness, Kinship had the opportunity to delve further into his craft of stripped down, garage-influenced house music. Although "Close Talker" is predominantly vocal, the weight of the tune sits on a playful rhythm and an irresistible bassline. Since returning to civilization, Kinship has promised to make use of a home studio. Let this tune be a fine taste of what's to come. 

Kinship is on: Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud 

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Photo by André Varela