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Craig Williams Drops a Real Classy Techno EP on Nest

We've got the premiere of "Indicator" and it's another winner for the OWSLA-affiliated imprint.

by Jemayel Khawaja
Nov 13 2014, 12:30am

We've been all about Nest this year. The OWSLA-affiliated free-music imprint has churned out winner after winner and has reached towards totally different ends of the spectrum in the process – Their 41 releases so far span everywhere from hardstyle to bassline house. Well, #42 is another new frontier - Techno. Craig Williams' It's Not Enough EP, released November 17th, is two tracks of groove-laden tech beats that have had us moodily toe-tapping all week.

"The Nest is quickly becoming a home for great, diverse body of music and I'm stoked that they asked me to bring some dark techno and tech house into the picture," Williams tells THUMP. In particular, we've got the premiere of the B-side, "Indicator." It's six-and-a-half minutes of a warped bassline clogging along at 115pm and spooky synth plucks punctuating the atmosphere.

Williams explains the track: "I made "Indicator" to be slow, dark 5AM intimate techno jam. It also kind of reminds me of driving around LA after being out at the clubs. It might be just me but I hear that dark vibe from the movie Drive in this track."

Many don't know that Williams was once a helicopter crewman in the Australian military, where dance music and techno in particular were a comforting presence. "I remember being deployed overseas when I was working as a Blackhawk crewman, my friend and I were trying to use the spotty and pretty slow internet to try and listen to previews of records on Juno so I could have them shipped back to Australia," he says. "My boss said that when he got back to his office he could hardly open the door to his office because I went a little crazy buying records and production gear!"

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Jemayel Khawaja is Managing Editor of THUMP - @JemayelK