Buy a Piece of Berghain to Prove How Much You Really, Really Love Clubbing

If you've ever wanted to bring your Berlin club experiences home, now's your chance.

Mar 17 2017, 5:20pm

Photo via Alberto Cabello/Flickr

If you've ever wanted to bring your Berghain experiences back home, now's your chance.

With the legendary Berlin techno club currently undergoing construction, they've disassembled Piotr Nathan's Rituals of Disappearance mural, which stands at the venue's entrance area. From now until April 17, each of the artwork's 171 individual aluminum panels can be bought via a website, though it won't be cheap—owning a piece of history will set you back €500 ($538 USD).

The 16-feet high, 82-feet wide mural was constructed for Berghain's opening in 2004, and depicts a black-and-white fantasy landscape of a volcanic eruption, desert storm, sea storm, and northern lights above a village.

"The work Rituals of Disappearance is only to be fully understood in the context of the music at the club, the people who celebrate there, and the unique aura of the space," said the Berlin-based artist in an statement. "To me it is therefore conclusive to dissolve the work and distribute it primarily among the people who have a connection with the Berghain."

This sale comes ahead of the opening of the club's new ground floor, Säule, which will be devoted to experimental music.

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