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Berlin Techno Museum Opening in Former Power Plant

​Museum founder Dimitri Hegemann says it will be a "museum of the senses for those who don't go to the club."

by Alexander Iadarola
Jul 12 2016, 5:20pm

Photo courtesy of Kraftwerk

Dimitri Hegemann, founder of Berlin's preeminent techno club Tresor, has shared the location of his forthcoming techno museum in the German capital. It will be housed in Kraftwerk, which he owns, a former power plant-turned-cultural complex that currently hosts the Tresor club and the less dance music-focused, experimental-leaning Ohm venue.

In an interview with Star2, he explained that he's designing the museum to convey the feeling of clubbing in post-wall Berlin: "I think of a place where visitors will come inside: suddenly, it gets dark, the fog machine gets going, a DJ appears in the distance, a bar rises up from the ground, the bass resonates and then the party's started," he said. "A museum of the senses for those who don't go to the club."

When Hegemann announced his plans to make the museum back in November, he said that he would call it "the Living Archive of Elektronika, 'cause techno here in Berlin is still a living, inspiring and vivid movement."

Tresor is celebrating its twenty-fifth birthday this year, and later this month Robert Hood, Juan Atkins, and Moritz von Oswald will headline a festival commemorating the anniversary. In 2014, Hegemann announced plans to open a Berlin-style club in Detroit.

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