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Trance Veteran Gareth Emery Spoofs EDM Culture in New Music Video

"Are you sure we don't need any talent at all?"

by Gigen Mammoser
Mar 11 2016, 4:55pm

Photo courtesy of MSO PR

From overindulgent music videos to obnoxious Snapchats, when it comes to the world of Top 40 EDM, there's plenty of assholes afoot.

That's the basis for trance producer Gareth Emery's parody DJ duo CVNT5, who released their debut music video this week through his YouTube channel.

The stars of the film are two wannabe DJs, played by Emery and fellow producer Ashley Wallbridge, who spend their time wanking in their mum's basements to Pornhub (if you pay close attention to their open browser tabs) and hoping to make it the Forbes Highest-Paid DJs list.

So, of course, what are the young producers to do, but hire a ghost producer, practice their fist pumping, buy Twitter followers, and become international stars. "Are you sure we don't need any talent at all?" Emery asks his friend over the phone.

No. Of course not.

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