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Jack Ü Snapchats Snippets of Florence Welch Collab

Diplo and Skrillex team up with the UK singer.

by Alexander Iadarola
Mar 23 2016, 4:45pm

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EDM power duo, Jack Ü, aka dubstep figurehead Skrillex and globetrotting beatmaker Diplo, teased a new collaboration with Florence + the Machine's Florence Welch on Snapchat yesterday. While the snippets are too short to tell much about the song, it sounds a little cosmic and dreamy, with Welch singing, "constellation around your heart" in a cascading figure.

Sonny Moore and Wesley Pentz each sent their own Snap featuring the song, and the fan Twitter account Florence Updates reposted them for posterity. Ninja of South African rap duo Die Antwoord features in Pentz's, while Moore is seen playing the song to a sleeping puppy.

Previously, Welch has gone the dance music route with UK artist Calvin Harris on the 2012 track "Sweet Nothing."

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