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Kaytranada Threw A Champagne-Soaked New Year's Eve Party in Montreal

Photos of the producer's intimate show featuring Benji B, STWO, and more.

by THUMP Canada Staff
Jan 4 2016, 9:15pm

This past weekend, Kaytranada threw a sold-out New Year's Eve party at 400-person capacity Montreal venue Artgang, and invited a handful of friends to play including BBC Radio 1 veteran DJ Benji B, French producer STWO, and up-and-coming Vancouver native Pomo.

After performing on festival main stages around the world this year, we knew seeing the Montreal artist in a smaller room would be a welcome alternative to bottle service nightclub options, and a proper way to ring in 2016. We sent Toronto's Chieff Bosompra of Undisposable to document the sweaty night and he came back with these film images.

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