Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman Was Mic'd Up for the Super Bowl and it Was Great

Julian Edelman knew right away he caught the craziest catch in Super Bowl history.

by Patrick Sauer
Feb 8 2017, 5:33pm

"I caught it! I caught it! I caught it!"

Julian Edelman screamed as he rolled around a pile of Atlanta Falcons, letting the world know the "Gravity-Defying, Jaw-Dropping, History-Making" grab that was the defining instant classic of Super Bowl LI had indeed been completed. Edelman was mic'd up for Inside the NFL and his adamant no-doubt-about-it enthusiasm that the pigskin never touched the turf, followed by his little scoreboard tête-à-tête with Falcons cornerback Brian Poole somehow makes the catch that much more magnificent.

Then, after the game-winning touchdown in overtime, his celebration quickly turns to consternation when he hears Tom Brady say they have to review it. He starts cursing at everyone to get the fuck off the field, and turns around and almost curses right Bill Belichick's face, who matter-of-factly tells him it's officially over, and then "you gotta believe."

And, there was also this...

Goddamn you, Edelman. The Patriots are only suppose to make us weep tears of rage.