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VICE Exclusive: Watch a Demented Video from Italian Occult Psych Masters Father Murphy

Christian iconography has been appropriated by a ton of musicians lately, but Father Murphy does it right.

by Charlie Ambler
Mar 17 2015, 5:48pm

Christianity has been around for a while now, and every musician from Kanye to Justice have dipped into its well to appropriate a symbol or two—but that hasn't diminished the strength of Christian iconography. Father Murphy, an occult-influenced psychedelic project from Italy, understands the lasting power of Christian symbology, and their new video animates a graphic crucifixion scene with strange and crafty stop-motion animation. The video's song is repetitive, intense, and entrancing—it's off the band's upcoming album, Croce, which you should immediately buy and listen to. It's hard not to love a band that lists its genre as "Italian Occult Psychedelia."

Buy Croce via The Flenser.