Impossible Spin Robs Soccer Player of Goal

In a game between Eredivisie teams AZ Alkmaar and PEC Zwolle, Mats Seuntjens sent in a chip with so much spin that it bounced away from goal after touching the line.
December 19, 2018, 6:56pm
Mats Seuntjens got robbed of a goal by his own spin.
Screen capture via Twitter/@FOXSportsnl 

What cruel master cooked this one up? There are times you can feel unlucky, and then there are times that you feel like the entirety of the universe is bending its will against you. To the point that the universe just jettisoned physics altogether.

In a game between AZ Alkmaar and PEC Zwolle in the Netherlands' Eredivisie, AZ midfielder Mats Seuntjens was on his way to the bank to cash in on one of the cooler chips you've seen in soccer, when The Fates took a 180 on him.

Seuntjens sent a beauty of a ball right over the keeper's head, rendering him helpless, just watching as the ball was netward bound. But instead of bouncing up into the top netting like it would make sense in the natural world, the ball took an ungodly spin and ejected itself from right on the goal line to several yards away, to be cleared by Zwolle.

Look at Seuntjens after that miss. He just stares into the camera in a fourth-wall-breaking "what the actual fuck?" as if he were starring in The Office. He simply cannot believe it. Maybe he should start kicking the ball away from the goal from here on out—because the man is owed some kind of magic luck in the opposite direction. Big time.

This article originally appeared on VICE Sports US.