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Enjoy This Bright Fall Day with *Checks Notes* a Vast This Will Destroy You LP

'New Others Part Two,' the Texan post-rock band's fifth studio album, was released by surprise this morning.

by Alex Robert Ross
Oct 16 2018, 5:17pm

Image via This Will Destroy You on Bandcamp

Much-loved Texan instrumental band This Will Destroy You returned last month with New Others Part One, their first new set of songs since 2014's Another Language. They hadn't torn up their blueprint in that time away—they still built monumental walls of sound out of a standard set-up, still fell back on out-of-body drone moments, still reduced their songs to a whisper pretty quickly—but it was a worthwhile step forwards. At least, it seemed like a pretty good soundtrack to the end of summer and the end of the world.

Three weeks later and, though the world is absolutely still ending, most of America is still bathed in sunshine. So you'll have to listen to New Others Part Two, released by surprise this morning, with the blinds closed. It's another seismic record, building to the dissociative ambient track "New Promise Land Inc." and the 11-minute closer, "Provoke." Maybe watch an apocalypse-heavy movie on silent or, I dunno, read the news for four minutes to get yourself in the right headspace.

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