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Jazz Cartier Offers Bumping Self-Reflection on "How Did I Get This Deep?"

The prince of Toronto rap surveys his lands and is not pleased.

by Phil Witmer
Nov 17 2017, 5:57pm

Photo by Jake Kivanç

Jazz Cartier's singles leading up to his still-incoming tape Fleurever have seen him going from classically Toronto-styled club tracks to Mike-Will-assisted piledrivers, but he hasn't dropped anything as transparent and critical of his world as "The Downtown Cliche" yet. His new song "How Did I Get This Deep?" turns an eye to his city and himself once again, though.

"Fuck rapping, gotta make it as a man," Jazz raps over Lantz's ever-reliable production, "Came out of my depression and I blamed it on the fans / The anxiety was killing me." His tightly-paced frustrations melt into beatless choruses from local singer Kafaye and the song eventually dissipates into scattered memories about nights on Toronto's Bloor Street. Listen to "How Did I Get This Deep?" below.