Please Enjoy This Footage of John Travolta Dancing Like a Dad with 50 Cent

The glory days of 'Saturday Night Fever' are long behind him.

by Drew Schwartz
May 17 2018, 12:21pm

Screengrabs via 50 Cent / Twitter

While Spike Lee was busy calling Trump a "motherfucker" and Lars von Trier has been tied up watching 100 people walk out of his disgustingly violent new movie, John Travolta has spent his time at Cannes promoting Gotti, in which he stars as the head of New York City's Gambino crime family. The movie, from director Kevin Connolly, premiered at Cannes on Tuesday night, capped off by an afterparty where, for some inexplicable reason, 50 Cent put on a concert.

Apparently feeling 50's "Just a Lil Bit," Travolta decided to join the rapper onstage—and thus, arguably the greatest moment that has, or ever will, grace the grounds of the Cannes Film Festival was born. Behold:

Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for John Travolta, it seems the dancing days of Saturday Night Fever (and that one scene from Pulp Fiction) are long behind him. Now, apparently, he's lost touch with his gift for boogying, and can only manage to get his groove on as well as any other white, 50-year-old dad. Case in point: What the hell is going on with his neck?

Sure, Cannes can be kind of a miserable place, but this? This is excellent.

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