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Two Japanese Metalpunk Legends Collide in Suzisuzi

Members of Yellow Machinegun and Abnormals fuel the jittery punk chaos of new album 'Microphone's Counter Attack!'

by Kim Kelly
May 24 2018, 5:20pm

Photo courtesy of Suzisuzi

On May 25, Pure Evil will release the latest LP from Japanese punk weirdos Suzisuzi, whose members have been knocking around the Osaka and Tokyo metal and punk scenes since the 90s. The band formed 15 years ago, when Kaori, the vocalist of iconic metalpunks Yellow Machinegun, joined forces with guitarist IxSxO and drummer Murochin of Tokyo punks Abnormals to start something new. The two bands had previously released a split together in 2000, so when Yellow Machinegun went on hiatus following 2002's Yellow Bucket, it made perfect sense for Kaori to jump back behind the mic for Suzisuzi.

Following their first Tokyo show in 2011, the band added another vocalist, K♠ , and made its proper debut in 2015; a year later, they debuted their first full-length (which we streamed on Noisey alongside an interview with Kaori). Now, this hybrid metalpunk monster is back with a brand-new recording, the joyfully manic, solo-studded, wild-eyed Microphone's Counter Attack!

Kaori and K♠ 's vocals switch between glass-gargling screams, pissed-off gang chants, and bratty spoken word on up-tempo, stripped-down punk songs like "I ♡ BEER!!" and "Scrap Your Crap!" and rollicking, poppier tunes like "Transfer!" that radiate positive energy even when they're bemoaning the hassles of modern living (and any New Yorker can relate to the jittery existential despair of "Oh! No! My Train Has Gone!").

"After releasing the first album in 2016, Suzisuzi toured all over Japan and the experience has elevated each member to a higher level of entertainment and now by coming together, we have created new sounds and has resulted by recording 12 songs in the album including variety types of heavy and happy songs," IxSxO told Noisey. "In their lyrics, you can see their messages: Happiness is created by your own state of mind. With this album, you may become to say, 'Hey, it’s OK, life is short and don’t waste the time any more in negative vibe.' This album will definitely make you feel so upper and happy!"

Crack open a cold one and get an earful of Microphone's Counter Attack! below.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey US.

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