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VAL's "Mi Amor" Is the Sade Tribute of the Year

Toronto has the smoothest operators.

by Phil Witmer
Jul 25 2017, 6:13pm

It's telling that artists have, by and large, realized that 80s UK sophisti-pop is the greatest genre of all time. This is chiefly due to Sade's immortal smoothness, which has been repped primarily by Toronto artists like VAL. In "Mi Amor," the singer taps into the smoky jazz chords and flamenco-inspired harmonies of production duo HMLT like the uncorking of a wine bottle. A late-game rhythm-switch is the cherry on top.

"'Mi Amor' is a love song inspired by one of my favorite Sade records, 'Smooth Operator,'" VAL told Noisey over email. "I wanted to capture the sound and feeling of Latin music to make it unique, giving people a new and fresh take on classic R&B music." Stream "Mi Amor" below.