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This Video of a Guy Riding on the Back of a Bus Will Melt Your Heart

Relax, no one got hurt.
April 13, 2018, 7:43pm
Screencaps via Twitter.

Toronto transit officials are calling an incident of dude caught dangling off of a moving bus a “reckless, dangerous and a stupid stunt.” But others with a sense of humour are simply calling it as it is—the best thing to happen to Toronto in a long, long time.

A 35-second vid was pushed on Twitter just before midnight by a user that went by the name Gure Scarborough, that captured the whole thing.

“Only in Toronto!” the cameraman says as this pleasant, Canadian exchange goes from our man in the car to our nonconformist white dude with a spider-man compulsion.

The optics just feel wrong here and yet so right: The fact that he’s a white guy shouting out a Somali slang “Warya!” while asking said Somali dude if he understood. The idea that he’s fucking up the system by way of human-on-bus acrobatics. Then there’s the “yeah buddy!” which implies that he’s really into Ronnie Coleman. Other Twitter users found similar loves for the clip in question.

But sure, I guess you could say it was dangerous and that most probably shouldn't try this at home, as echoed by TTC spokesperson Brad Ross. “It’s reckless specifically because he is hanging onto an ad frame on the back of the bus. That’s just one screw or rivet away from popping out and him falling off the bus and potentially being run over by a car that may be behind that bus.”

But no one got hurt, folks, and if this little piece of Toronto can't bring a little smile to your face, Alberta would love to have you.

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