Lakers G-Leaguer Andre Ingram Is Why We Watch Sports

At the ripe old age of 32, Ingram made his NBA debut for the Los Angeles Lakers after spending 10 years in the G League. He dropped 19 points, got "MVP" chants, and his wife Marilee will make your heart smile.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Apr 11 2018, 3:28pm

Photo by Gary A. Vasquez—USA TODAY Sports

Watching sports can feel like peeking in on Mount Olympus sometimes. These athletes were born with superhuman strength and agility that you couldn't achieve with an insane diet and three personal trainers. But every now and then, an underdog story pops up that makes you feel like you've just witnessed a mere mortal climb that Mount and ball out with the gods. Enter: Andre Ingram.

Last night, 32-year-old Andre Ingram debuted for the Los Angeles Lakers—right after getting dap from Chris Paul, his senior by only six months—and lord did he put on a show. By the end of his dream night, Ingram went 6 for 8 from the field, 4 for 5 from three-point range, tallying 19 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 blocks in just 28 minutes of play. At one point, Staples Center erupted into chants of "MVP" when he stepped to the foul line.

Just check out this highlight reel:

There's something about his off-kilter launch point—that height, that post-shot stance. This is some compelling basketball.

The ten-year G League vet, who ordinarily plays for the South Bay Lakers, has an amazing resume: he averages 46.1 percent from three-point range, he once beat Jimmer Fredette in a three-point contest, he has a degree in physics (makes sense) from American University (class of '07), and once took a season off to take care of his first daughter so that his wife could finish her college degree—per The New York Times.

And speaking of his wife—as if that back story wasn't enough to crack your heart in half—just listen to her emotional interview during the game:

And, of course, after the final horn sounded and the team was back in the locker room, head coach Luke Walton gave Ingram the game ball:

If those last two videos did not bring a smile to your face, you are objectively a monster. Ingram's story is why we love sports. Let him play for ten years in the NBA; he's insanely easy to root for, and he certainly deserves it.

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