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Watch Conan O'Brien Try to Get Into Berghain, and Fail Miserably

The comedian's trip to the Berlin power station caused uproar back in September.

by Angus Harrison
Dec 8 2016, 8:29pm

You may remember that back in September, we reported that Conan O'Brien had been spotted making a trip to Berlin's most famous club, Berghain, in order to film a segment for his late night show. It was a trip that caused alarm and upset among many, with the Black Madonna taking issue with his decision. "Turning a space like this into a comedy spectacle for a largely straight American audience with no context other than the club being private and gay is a problem," she argued.

Well, the fruits of O'Brien's labours are now up for all to see. The segment aired on TV last night, and features the ginger-plumed presenter asking punters for advice on how he should best get in, before having one quick nervous attempt at getting in himself—with consequences that suggest Eric Bristow would have stood a better chance.

Check out the video over on FACT.