Diplo Allegedly Tweeted About New Jack Ü Music Then Immediately Deleted It

Will we or will we not get new Jack Ü music?
May 16, 2016, 11:40am
Photo via Wikipedia Commons

For being at the top of the music world, Jack Ü, the ongoing collaboration between Skrillex and Diplo, have yet to release any new music in 2016. Now, Diplo has hinted that the wait may soon be over...or will it?

reports that the DJ and producer allegedly tweeted the notice above only to take it down soon after, but not, however, before the internet got wind of it. This isn't the first time that Diplo has deleted tweets, including during various periods of Twitter beef, but why remove a new material tease, only the marketing gods may know.

Diplo and Skrillex last hinted at new Jack Ü material in March, when Snapchats of new music from the two emerged with what was confirmed to be the voice of Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine.