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Dead Horse Beats' "Dive" Video Will Give You Heart-Wrenching Flashbacks to Your Romantic Past

The Montreal-based producer's disco and soul-influenced 'Bad Hopes EP' is out now on Bastard Jazz.

by Max Mohenu
Nov 1 2016, 7:20pm

Fresh off the release of his disco and R&B-influenced four-track Bad Hopes EP on Brooklyn label Bastard Jazz, Montreal-based producer Dead Horse Beats (aka Patrick Wade) has shared a new video for soulful lead single "Dive." Filmed in Toronto, the Justin Black-directed clip follows a young woman solemnly riding the subway and wandering wintery streets, while experiencing nostalgic flashbacks to memories with an ex-boyfriend at every corner.

Of the song, Wade told THUMP via email, "'Dive' is a track I wrote about the end of a turbulent relationship and the period that followed. About not knowing what you want and what other people want of you, but having to act anyway. I tried to give it a kind of hymnal vibe. A mournful rejoicing."

"At the time of shooting, the actors were actually a couple. They split up shortly before its release," Black added. "After sending them the video, I saw Sharon at a party, who greeted me with 'Hey! You made a music video about my breakup!' She told me she watches it when she wants to embrace feeling sad. I dread to think I played a part in willing that into being, but I do think there's something kind of special about being able to capture that part of their lives, and I hope it's something other people can connect to."

Watch the video above and purchase the producer's Bad Hopes EP here.

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