Drunk Irish Conor McGregor Fans Get Flight Turned Around In Route to Vegas

“This drunk Irish fella kept singing Ole, Ole, Ole and Oggy, Oggy, Oggy,” a fellow passenger described.

by Fightland Staff
Dec 12 2015, 4:38am

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Yesterday at 8pm eastern time, Jet Blue flight 611 left New York departed for Las Vegas carrying—according to reports—a rowdy batch of Irish fans. It's assumed they were en route to join forces with thousands of their countrymen to cheer on Irish MMA superstar Conor McGregor at this weekend's UFC 194. The thing is, this particular batch had started to get wound up a bit too early.

According to, as well as passengers like Damien Coyne, who posted his account of the disturbance, several unruly Irishmen got into an on-board fracas.

Coyne described what happened in detail on his Facebook account:

"Seriously pissed off here. Got delayed at JFK because every time the flight attendant tried to read out the safety procedures onboard the aircraft this drunk Irish fella kept singing Ole Ole Ole & Oggy oggy oggy. So flight crew call the cops and your man gets escorted off the plane. Cos we missed our cue to set off we had to taxi on the runway for ages before we got a slot to take off.

Then we eventually get going, about 25 mins into a 5 and a half hour flight, these other two Irish lads start kicking off at each other. Got very heated and one guy despite everyone on the plane shouting at him to sit down, struck out and threw a few slaps at the other lad. Flight crew go mad, separate the two fellas and now we are on our way back to JFK again!"

Another passanger took some footage of the action:

The flight was forced to return to JFK airport, where the unruly Irishmen were summarily thrown off the plane. Yikes. Well, despite the bad vibes we hope our Irish friends are able to catch it on PPV at a bar, or sneak onto another flight. Ole, Ole, Ole!