UFC Heavyweight Cain Velasquez Pimps His Hoverboard With Mexico-Themed Custom Job

Complete with the Virgen de Guadalupe.
December 27, 2015, 5:00pm

Mixed martial artist Cain Velasquez wants you to know that not only is he Mexican AF, but so too is his hoverboard. (Yes, they're called hoverboards, even though they roll on the ground.)

Velasquez took his hoverboard to get souped-up by Fresh Auto Body Inc. in San Leandro, California for a custom job that features not only the colors of the Mexican flag, but a sweet image of la Virgen de Guadalupe. Check it out:

Thanks to Fresh Auto Body Inc in San Leandro, CA for the custom paint job. pic.twitter.com/cN3ysZZACd
— Cain Velasquez (@cainmma) December 26, 2015

Velasquez was born in Salinas, California to a father who immigrated from Mexico, and self-identifies as Mexican. But earlier this year, Velasquez's opponent Fabricio Werdum (Brazil), while talking to his own fans in Mexico City, derogatorily called Velasquez, "an American who thinks he's Mexican." Deep dig.

But, obviously, self-identification isn't so cut-and-dry. Unless you're Velasquez's hoverboard—which is definitively Mexican as hell.

[Fox Sports]