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Dub Phizix Puts a Yummy Bass Flip on Breach's Collab With Kelis

This song is "The Key" to the Friday night of your dreams.

by David Garber
Dec 19 2014, 11:11pm

For the last year, Ben Westbeech, better known by his house-head alias—Breach—has been attempting one of the most difficult feats in music: following up a massive hit. Of course I'm referring to his 2013 dancefloor crusher "Jack" (released on dirtybird), which many of us still can't cast out from our brains. After that, he emerged yet again to round out the year with "Everything You Never Had (You Had It All), a satisfying collaboration with vocalist Adreya Triana. 

The latter half of this year saw the arrival of "The Key," a tag-team cut with acclaimed crooner gal (and former milkshake-queen) Kelis. Starting as a rework of Kelis' summer hit single "Rumble," "The Key" evolved into a chopped up, slick house synth assault on the senses. Today we have a yummy-bass remix to the tune by Manchester artist Dub Phizix, which grabs on to the original's mainframe and slings it straight into the D'n'B domain in effortless form. 

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