Instructor Fired For Allegedly Demanding Sex, Lobster, and Moose Meat For Good Grades: Report

A female student said the Cape Breton University instructor made the demands when she sought extra help.

by Manisha Krishnan
Jul 12 2019, 3:44pm

Cape Breton University. Photo via Facebook

A Cape Breton University instructor was fired after he allegedly demanded sex, lobster, and moose meat from a female student seeking course help, according to a report by the Chronicle Herald.

The Chronicle Herald interviewed the student, who was not named in the article. She said she was told a couple weeks ago that her former instructor had been terminated, after first reporting him in February. In an email statement, Cape Breton University spokeswoman Lenore Parsley told VICE the school is “committed to a safe and respectful campus for all of our community members. Any and all complaints follow a formal process, as indicated in our respectful campus policy. We won’t be commenting further.” Neither the student nor the school named the instructor.

The student told the Chronicle Herald she approached the instructor during an extra-help session because she wasn’t performing well on some quizzes and was worried about her final grade.

She alleges he told her they could be “friends with benefits” and pried into her personal life, asking how many people she’d had sex with and if she’d consumed drugs. He also told her to buy him lobster and moose meat for better grades. She complied.

The student said the instructor followed her to her car to collect the moose and lobster after the help session. There, she alleges he demanded she have sex with him—in a hotel room or his office—or risk sacrificing her grades.

“He continued to say ‘Yes you will, you will do it,’ over and over, even though I made it clear to him at this point that I was very uncomfortable’,” she told the Chronicle Herald.

“He made it clear that if I did not (have sex), I would fail.”

She said she was scared to tell anyone because of her grades or potentially not being believed, but she decided to report him immediately nonetheless.

“I knew that if I didn’t go right away, I would not be able to report him the next day.”

The student said the school handled her complaint well and she felt supported throughout the reporting process. The instructor was suspended from teaching the next day. She is relieved that she can go back to school without having to avoid him.

However, the student told the Chronicle Herald she initially blamed herself for what happened.

“I thought I said too many things, or maybe my clothes were too tight.”

She said she continues to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks related to the incident.

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