I Survived the Future Stampede Too, Where's My Coin?

Exactly how do you join this lawsuit? Asking for a friend.
January 4, 2018, 6:23pm
Photo by Prince Williams/FilmMagic

When Future announced he was headlining the Nobody’s Safe Tour with Zoey Dollaz, Tory Lanez and Migos, I scraped my pennies together and secured my tickets the day they went on sale last spring. I’d seen Future live a handful of times, but was itching to get to Barclays, a venue I'd never been to. The universe sent me a million signs that the night would not end well, and I ignored them all. I managed to miss Zoey, Tory and Migos. Future was awkwardly doing his best to keep up with his dancers, and I dabbed my way through the pain of not being able to scream “Raindrop, Droptop” with the Migos just a set earlier.

The concert wrapped and I got out of the Barclays pretty fast, hitting a light sprint across the street, trying to avoid the let out. As soon as I could get my change back from a food truck, a noise rang out, which many speculated were gunshots, but turned out to be a result of the load out according to the venue. In that moment of fight or flight, you’re not sticking around to figure out the difference. You run first and ask questions later. My first instinct was to run, but running didn't seem to be working for everyone around me, so I locked arms around the railing to a staircase nearby. It happened in slow motion. People were being trampled, falling like dominos and suddenly, Brooklyn just didn’t feel big enough.

Eight months later, TMZ has reported that two injured fans are taking legal action against Live Nation and the rapper—except, they’re suing the wrong one. Atlanta rapper Rome Fortune is listed on the suit instead of Future, but according to TMZ the court documents will be amended with Future’s name. For now, the injuries are unknown, but it takes a lot of chops to sue Live Nation for something that was out of their control. It would also be 100 percent more effective if the correct person was being sued.

Hindsight is 20/20 and I’ll think twice before going to a tour called “Nobody’s Safe.” We weren’t safe, Rome Fortune isn’t safe. You really can't make this kind of irony up. But seriously, how do I get in on this? For, you know, pain and suffering?

Kristin Corry is alive and uninjured. Follow her on Twitter.