Toronto Police Investigating Alt-Right Posters as a Hate Crime

Some Toronto based Alt-righters are feeling emboldened after their God-King was elected and their most well-known jester thrust into power.

by Mack Lamoureux
Nov 15 2016, 2:24pm

Some Toronto based Alt-righters are feeling emboldened after their God-King was elected and their most well-known jester was thrust into power.

To celebrate and recruit for their cause they put up posters around a park in East York.

It's not hard to see the target audience of these posters as at the top, in big bold text, it read "HEY WHITE PERSON." It then went on to ask several questions, most of which can only be defined as blatantly racist.

"Are you tired of political correctness?" reads the first, which is technically not racist, but we know where it's going.

"Wondering why only white countries have to become 'multi-cultural?'" reads the second, which is something a racist might wonder.

"Figuring out that diversity only means 'less white people?'" reads the third. Sigh.

Starting to see the trend here?

After asking eight questions that all have a similar bent, the poster then instructs the reader to "Join the Alt-right" and lists several websites. For those not in the know, the Alt-right is a movement of nationalism and white supremacism that championed Donald Trump in the American election.

Look at this bullshit. Photo via Kevin Kerr

Ian Daffern saw the posters up near his son's school on Monday morning. He took a photo of the posters and uploaded them to Facebook.

"Hey Canadians. It's here okay?" he wrote in the status. "This poster was up on the grounds of my 4 year old son's school this morning in East York. Be vigilant. Do not underestimate the force of American culture. These ideas push in."

Toronto city councillor Janet Davis tweeted out against the posters and their sentiment.

"This hate is unacceptable in our City," she said. "Staff are removing the posters immediately and investigating who is responsible."

These posters are just the latest in a trend that has seen racist ideologies become more and more mainstream in the past year. A few months ago,anti-Sikh posters were put up at the University of Alberta. Then, just a few weeks later, also in Alberta, anti-Islamic ones were put up.

The Alt-right posters were removed by the city and police are investigating them as a possible hate crime.

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