Canada is a Woman Ghostface Wants to Sleep With

"You been trying and you finally gonna get it and that's everything. I wanna get in there."

Nov 21 2011, 12:00am

It took about two weeks and four phone calls to get a hold of Ghostface Killah, the only rapper to successfully incorporate a Marry Poppins quotable into his lyrics and storied member of the Wu-Tang Clan, who is going to be trekking around Canada this December. After being referred to his manager Vel, aka Vellionaire, a guy who pimps his Pitbull out on a message board called Crunch Bullies, we got about fifteen minutes on the phone with Mr. G.F. Killah. So we used it to find out important shit like how to find a good intern, what it feels like being turned into an action figure and why Canada is like a girl you’ve been trying to get with but you never get the pussy.

VICE: How many times have you had problems at the Canadian border in the past?

GFK: About 20 times, man. They be too strict over there. I can dig it cause they’re trying to keep the country really, really, really clear and clean but goddamn! They don’t give a nigga a chance to breathe. Whatever’s in my past, that’s my past. I ain’t been arrested in a long, long, long time. I’m coming up to Canada to see my people, those my family up there man. Canadians, man. I wanna come see my people and spread love and shit and mahfuckas won’t let me come across the border.

So how are things going to be different this time with all these Canadian dates coming up?

How did I get in? Special secrets over here. I had to pull so many strings and shit. Hired the right team to get the kid in and by the grace of God things worked out. But c’mon man, I ain’t been in [jail] since like '96 or some shit.

We’re glad you figured it out. With your secrets.

That’s all it is, man. At the end of the day it was God that allowed me to come in. But shit was hard.

What do you think of the Big Ghost Chronicles blog? It's pretty funny considering it's just some guy doing an impression of you reviewing rap albums.

I mean it is what it is and shit. We tried to pull it down but dude just kept coming. I don’t even really check it out, but at the end of the day there are people that just love you that do all types of shit. So I’m looking at it like that. It’s all love.

I guess you’ve run into the problem of people thinking that it’s actually you. Have you heard Drake’s album?

No I didn’t hear it, it just came out. I don’t beef with rappers and lil’ niggas and all the other shit like that. I’m just trying to get it in and do what I gotta do and that’s that. I don’t have the time to get involved with all that blog shit. I’m an old fashioned dude.

We tend to have a pretty hard time finding good interns at our office. I know you had that public intern search going for a while… how did that go?

I had somebody else doing it, I didn’t actually pick.

Well if you were in charge of it, what would you be looking for.

A mahfucka that knows what they doin’, that’s very punctual with a good head on they shoulders and very loyal to what we dealin’ with right here. This is serious. I don’t got no time for you to be doing ten different things when we’re trying to focus on something right here. It’s like, this what you’re going to do to make the wheel turn. This is what you gotta do. You gotta focus.

How does it feel to be turned into an action figure?

I told you man, the people love me. By the grace of God. They make clothes out of my name, Supreme Clientele this, iced out this... they just do things. They just payin’ homage where homage is due and that’s it. I come from the slums of Shaolin b, for somebody to go ahead and make a doll out you, they payin’ attention to you. Cause why they ain’t make a doll out of this MC or this MC? Why they have to make a doll out of me? Do you see what I’m saying?

Yeah of course.

It’s just something that’s there. At the end of the day I’m still trying to figure it out, but sometimes things ain’t meant to be figured out, sometimes things are meant to be left alone. Just go with it. Just go and be free with it. Stop trying to figure everything out.

Okay, good advice. So what are you looking forward to most in Canada?

I just wanna breathe Canada in. It feels exciting for me right now. It feels like a place I’ve never been before where I always wanted to go. It’s almost like a girl you’ve been trying with but you could never get the pussy. You been trying and you finally gonna get it and that’s everything. I wanna get in there. There are fans there that always wanted to see me and I always wanted to see them. So now we get to mingle.

Well, we’re looking forward to it.

Alright tell the people I need beats. Send me beats. If they need any verses I got it.

Purchase tickets to the Toronto show here. Ghost is also gonna be in Montreal, Vancouver and some other places.

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