Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama Start a Heavy Bromance at the APEC Summit

They're on a first-name basis now.
November 19, 2015, 7:09pm

As leader of the free world, Barack Obama has access to a lot of crazy shit: Camp David, Air Force One, the entire world's iMessage history.

Now, to the envy of scores of hyperventilating media "professionals," he can add Justin Trudeau (or "Justin," as the prez likes to say) to that list.

In between chatting about boring things like international trade and climate change at this week's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in the Philippines, Obama got pretty cozy with "Apec hottie" Trudeau if the photograph above is any indication.

The pair made nice in front of the press, both of them apparently already on a first-name basis.

"I know Justin has to agree with what's happened, but we think that after [the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement] has taken place, Canada, the United States and the other countries that are here can establish the high-standards agreement that protects labor, protects the environment, protects the kind of high value-added goods and services that we both excel in," said Obama in one particularly titillating exchange.

Trudeau, meanwhile, playfully referred to Obama's grey hair (his way of calling him a silver fox?) and pointed out their shared commitment to being hot dads.

Obama watched Trudeau intently as he spoke, holding one finger to his lips much of the time. Trudeau, meanwhile, came off like an eager-to-please prep school kid, which, to be fair, is pretty standard for Canada's most powerful drama teacher.

Obama wasn't the only one charmed by Trudeau. Journalists and APEC volunteers, undoubtedly starved for good-looking politicians, lost their shit over the PM, mobbing him when left a press conference.

"He's so hot" shouted one, while another freaked out when she made hand-to-hand contact.

Regardless of the lasting political impacts of this year's APEC conference, it has served its purpose as the birthplace of a modern political bromance and the world's introduction to "Justin."

We're really looking forward to the Serving the Prime Minister sequel now. Happy birthday, Mr. President, indeed.

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