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This morning, Clinton and Trump win big on Super Tuesday, Bin Laden's will left $29 million to be used "on jihad," researchers are trying to raise $400,000 to buy a kilo of MDMA, and more.

by VICE Staff
Mar 2 2016, 3:19pm

Hillary Clinton. Photo via Ted Eytan.

US News

Trump and Clinton March Ahead
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both won seven states each in the Super Tuesday primaries, taking commanding leads over their rivals in the delegate count. Bernie Sanders won four states, including a surprise win in Colorado, while Ted Cruz won two states and Mario Rubio won his first in Minnesota. —NBC News

Apple Files New Appeal In FBI Battle
Apple has filed an appeal against an order demanding it help federal investigators gain access to data on the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino killers. Apple's lawyers said the FBI is asking the company to "give them something we don't have." —USA Today

South Dakota Vetoes Anti-Trans Bill
South Dakota's governor Dennis Daugaard has vetoed a bill that would have required transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match their sex at birth. The ACLU said the decision put the state "unequivocally on the right side of history." —CBS News

Secret Service to Investigate Agents Over Time Photographer Incident
The Secret Service is to investigate agents who manhandled a Time magazine photographer at a Donald Trump rally. Officials said agents are only supposed to intervene when someone verbally or physically threatens a candidate. —The Washington Post

International News

Bin Laden Left $29 Million for Jihad
The al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden left a fortune of around $29 million which he want to be used "on jihad", according to a newly released will. He referred to the money being in Sudan, but it is not known whether any of the money made its way to his heirs. —CNN

Syria Peace Talks Delayed
The United Nations will delay the next round of Syria peace talks by two days, until March 9, to allow the partial ceasefire to "better settle down." Although there have been some violations of the truce agreement, the UN is pleased violence has decreased. —Reuters

Shell Sued Over Nigerian Oil Spills
Oil giant Shell is being sued in London for the second time in five years over spills in the Niger Delta. The Ogale community in Rivers State, who are mainly farmers or fishermen, say spills have spoiled drinking water and farmland. —TIME

Abuse Victims Want Meeting with the Pope
Australian victims of child sex abuse who are watching Cardinal George Pell being questioned via video link say they are unimpressed by his testimony and want a meeting with Pope Francis. "We need to speak to the boss," said victim David Ridsdale. —BBC News

The Rolling Stones. Pto via Wikimedia.

Everything Else

Stones to Play Free Show in Cuba
The Rolling Stones have announced they will play a free concert in Havana, Cuba, later this month. The band said the March 25 show will be a "landmark"—the first open-air concert in Cuba by a British group. —Billboard

Making a Murderer Lawyers Go on Tour
Lawyers for Steven Avery—the subject of Netflix series Making a Murderer—will discuss his case during a 26-city speaking tour that begins this spring. Dean Strang and Jerry Buting have called the tour "A Conversation on Justice." —Rolling Stone

Tunnel Named After Robin Williams
A rainbow-arched tunnel connecting the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County in California has been officially named the Robin Williams Tunnel. The new $3,000 signs were paid for by private donations. —SFGate

Researchers Need $400,000 for MDMA
A drug research nonprofit is raising $400,000 for a kilo of MDMA it needs for clinal trials by hosting "psychedelic" dinner parties. The group wants to legalize the drug for medical use, but needs enough to experiment. —Thump

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