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VICE Meets: Tom Green

We talked to Tom Green about his wild career trajectory, and the finer points of suckling milk out of cow udders.

by Jordan Sowunmi
Jun 16 2014, 2:55pm

Not everyone has the balls or reckless committment to absurdity to suckle milk out of cow udders and put it on TV. For Tom Green, it was one of the most unforgettable moments of his unexpected rise to the top. In fact, few comedians have had a crazier pre-YouTube ascension to fame than the 42-year old Pembroke, Ontario native.

In the early 90s, he cut his teeth in the entertainment world as MC Face of the award-winning Canadian rap group Organized Rhyme. By the mid 90s, he had transitioned into radio and television, bringing his deliriously weird and offbeat brand of comedy to community-access television in Ottawa.

The show was deliberately lo-fi and antagontistc. Some of the more memorable stunts Tom pulled include painting a comically vulgar image on his parents' car and dubbing it the "Slutmobile," attempting to inteview anxious, uneasy pedastrians with slabs of beef stuck to his head and, yes, vigorously humping a dead moose. At the turn of the cenutry, Tom was one of MTV's most original and biggest stars, and his impact has left a noticeable legacy—you can see his comic imprint on avant-garde, genre-busting shows like Jackass and the Eric Andre Show.

We sat down with Tom over beers for a longform discussion of his wild career trajectory, the finer points of suckling milk out of cow udders, and the time Eminem shouted him out in a massive pop song.