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Aaron Gordon is a senior writer for Motherboard.

the mail

USPS Plans to Slash Hours at Many Post Offices, Hoping to Save A Buck

"If I can’t make it to the post office,” one local union rep for postal workers said, “I’m not going to use the post office.”
Aaron Gordon
5 days ago

Electric Moped Share Revel Stops Service in NYC

The company will halt operations in its first and biggest market after two people died in a little more than a week.
Aaron Gordon
post office

Why Your US Post Office Packages Are Delayed

It’s not so much what the current Postmaster General is doing as much as what the federal government has not done.
Aaron Gordon

Do You Live In the US and Want A Small, Affordable Car? Too Bad.

Car companies are phasing out an entire class of cars. Is it because Americans only like driving big cars? Or because the car companies never bring the good small cars here to begin with?
Aaron Gordon
Climate Hell

The New Ford Bronco Is An Obscene Monument to Climate Denialism

In the year 2020, there is simply no excuse for releasing a brand new SUV without so much as a hybrid option.
Aaron Gordon
road trip

This Guy Is Crossing the Country In Google Street View, One Click at a Time

A Harvard sophomore is driving across the country on Google Street View, because this is the world we live in now.
Aaron Gordon
post office

Post Office Delivery Trucks Keep Catching on Fire

Hundreds of the iconic Post Office delivery trucks have caught on fire in recent years, thanks to a 30-year old fleet and a manufactured budget crisis.
Aaron Gordon

How Uber Turned a Promising Bikeshare Company Into Literal Garbage

JUMP wanted to create a better, more bike-friendly world. Former employees told Motherboard how getting acquired by Uber led to JUMP bikes being destroyed by the thousands.
Aaron Gordon
law enforcement

We Don't Need Cops to Enforce Traffic Laws

The law invented the concept of officer discretion so white drivers could get fewer speeding tickets. If we want to have fair and equitable policing, we’ll have to get over our hatred for speed cameras.
Aaron Gordon
george floyd

There Needs to Be Consequences

The George Floyd protests are, at their core, about being done with living in a society where people get away with crimes and cheat the rest of us.
Aaron Gordon

Brooklyn Bus Drivers Refuse to Pick Summer Shifts, Saying Schedule Is 'A Recipe For Disaster'

“We have to give people confidence to come back on buses,” a union official told Motherboard. “Having a packed bus does not give people confidence.”
Aaron Gordon
Our Urban Future

The 19th Century’s “Best Planned City” Tries Again

Mid-sized cities around the country are hoping to attract businesses and residents that can no longer afford the big cities. Will a “mobility revolution” help? Buffalo wants to find out.
Aaron Gordon