Amelia Abraham


'My Days of Mercy' Is Both a Lesbian Love Story and a Death Row Drama

Rather than dealing with judgment from others, the film's protagonists – played by Ellen Page and Kate Mara – must overcome their own shame.
Amelia Abraham
Ink Spots

'Foul Play' Is the True Crime Magazine Made By Women

The zine seeks to satiate our fascination with real life murders without resorting to sensationalism.
Amelia Abraham

Why You Might Suddenly Die in Your Twenties

An undiagnosed heart condition kills 12 young people every week in the UK. This is how you find out if you have it.
Amelia Abraham

Is Accusing Someone of Rape Online the Most Effective Path to Justice?

Let down by a system that can punish victims, many are seeing a public shaming as expedited punishment.
Amelia Abraham

What We Saw at Europe's Biggest Drag Convention

If 'RuPaul’s Drag World' has taught us anything, it’s that – despite its growing popularity – drag remains the ultimate outsider art.
Amelia Abraham

The Highs and Lows of Clubbing With a Physical Disability

People with disabilities want to have just a big a night out as everyone else, but 40 percent of venues in the UK don't even have a disabled toilet.
Amelia Abraham

The Strange Case of the Innocents Who Confessed to Murders They Didn’t Commit

In 1974, a group of innocent people mysteriously admitted to a double homicide they had nothing to do with. They weren't covering for anyone or seeking attention; they truly believed they'd done it.
Amelia Abraham

How the Moms of Extremists Are Uniting Against ISIS

A mother who lost her son in Syria tells us how she's trying to keep other families from suffering the same fate.
Amelia Abraham
Ink Spots

Buffalo Zine Makes Fancy Print Mags Funny Again

The latest issue of the print publication features seven unique covers that send up hokey fashion magazines of yesteryear – as well as a photo of a guy smoking weed out of a Miu Miu shoe.
Amelia Abraham

What Makes a Bad Movie Good?

We talked to a curator for London's Barbican theater about a new season that pushes the boundaries of taste.
Amelia Abraham
Ink Spots

'Office' Magazine Is Full of Art, Fashion, and Magic City Strippers

"It doesn't matter whether you like it or not, just as long as you can't help having an opinion about it... That's 'Office.'"
Amelia Abraham

A New Play Explores What It’s Like to Live with HIV

It's a very modern look at an epidemic that is sometimes, mistakenly, thought of as a thing of the past.
Amelia Abraham