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Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Delayed Election Is Bad for Democracy but Very Good for China

“We couldn’t do what we had planned. All of the street corners out there were occupied by a bunch of police,” said a candidate
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Mac Chau
Hindu Nationalism

Why Modi Inaugurated a Temple Being Built Over a Razed Mosque on the Kashmir Crackdown Anniversary

The construction of the Ram Mandir over the Babri Masjid is a major milestone for the prime minister's Hindu nationalist agenda.
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Tiananmen Square massacre

Hong Kongers Defied a Ban on the Tiananmen Square Massacre Vigil

For the first time in 30 years, Hong Kong banned a vigil for the massacre because of coronavirus. Some worry it could set a precedent.
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Hong Kong Street Protesters Talk to Us About Their Fight Against China's New Security Law

"Basic human rights, and freedom of speech will be stripped away. Everyone in Hong Kong rising up and protesting this bill is very important.”
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Hong Kong

China Is Accusing Hong Kong Protesters of 'Kidnapping' the Economy

The "yellow economic circle" is the pro-democracy movement's answer to the city's biggest recession in decades.
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Crystal Wong

How Coronavirus Caught Up With Japan

Cherry blossom season usually marks new beginnings. Not this year.
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Kira Dane
David Caprara
Sri Lanka

How the Easter Bombings Pushed Sri Lankans to Vote for an Alleged War Criminal

“He led and finished the war that lasted for 30 years. He saved the country as the defense minister. That reason alone is more than enough for us.”
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india-pakistan rivalry

Nuclear Rivals India and Pakistan Opened up a ‘Peace Corridor.’ That’s Pissing Some People Off.

But for many Indian Sikhs, the move meant their first chance to celebrate Tuesday's holiday at a revered temple in Pakistan.
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These Reporters Won't Let Kashmir's Internet Blackout Stop Them

A government-imposed communications ban is preventing journalists from calling sources and doing research online.
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Zubair Ahmed Dar
howdy modi

‘Howdy Modi’: India’s Prime Minister Threw a Right-Wing Blowout with Trump at a Football Stadium in Texas

Trump is courting Indian Americans who love Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's nationalist policies.
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Modi Made the Indian Election About National Security. It Paid Off.

After a terrorist attack killed 44 soldiers in Kashmir, Modi seized the opportunity to portray himself as India’s Chowkidar, or “Guardian.”
Juanita Ceballos
Krishna Andavolu
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The First May Day Protest for France's "Yellow Vests" Turned Remarkably Violent

Police fired tear gas on protestors in Paris. Yellow Vests hope that will help their cause.
Aris Roussinos
Steven Bartus
Maeva Bambuck
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