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Docs: Shadow Inc. Directly Tied to Left-Wing Media Operation

“The fact that we are getting framed as nefarious for doing what the right has been doing is bullshit,” said Acronym CEO Tara McGowan.
Anna Merlan
Tim Marchman

Influencers Allege That a Famous Curly Hair Brand Is Damaging Their Hair

Some of DevaCurl's huge fanbase is rioting.
Anna Merlan

Here Are the Most Common AirBnb Scams Worldwide

Nearly 1,000 people flooded our inbox with their stories. We found some patterns.
Anna Merlan

The 'Energy Worker' Seen on Goop Has Implied That His Treatments Can Disappear Breast Cancer

Gwyneth Paltrow’s new show 'The Goop Lab' is also providing a large audience for John Amaral, a 'somatic energy practitioner' who has implied that he’s seen tumors disappear under his treatment.
Anna Merlan

The Coronavirus Is an Exciting Opportunity for Conspiracy Theorists

The spread of the epidemic has provided a bonanza for conspiracy theorists with something to promote, like hoax theories, bullshit treatments, and xenophobia.
Anna Merlan

46% of Americans Are "Unsure" if Vaccines Cause Autism. They Don't

A new Gallup poll shows that while Americans are confident in vaccines overall, they're still unsure on debunked claims about a link between vaccines and autism.
Anna Merlan

In the '70s, Two Women Embarked on an Epic Road Trip to Find Other Feminists

Inside the making of the 'New Woman's Survival Catalog', a sprawling look at the second-wave feminist movement.
Anna Merlan

Frustrated Retail Workers at Everlane Say They Were Prohibited from Discussing Wages, Working Conditions

The clothing company touts "radical transparency," but their New York-based retail workers say that doesn't apply to them.
Anna Merlan

'We Are Treated As Disposable': Everlane's Customer-Service Employees Are Unionizing

Everlane has branded itself as committed to sustainability and “radical transparency.” But remote employees for the fashion brand are unionizing, saying that they’re treated as “expendable.”
Anna Merlan

This Discovery Might Hold the Secrets to the Deadliest Racist Massacre in U.S. History

Archaeological researchers have uncovered a possible mass grave in Oaklawn Cemetery, Tulsa’s oldest graveyard. It could finally reveal how many people were killed in the infamous 1921 attack on Greenwood, Oklahoma’s Black Wall Street.
Anna Merlan

Companies Can't Claim CBD Treats Mental Health Issues—But Their Paid Influencers Can, and Do

The FTC and FDA have strict rules about the claims that CBD companies can make. Influencers, however, often fall into an enforcement gray area—and some of them are pushing the boundaries of what they can say about how it treats mental health.
Anna Merlan

Wow, Hearst Set Up a Whole Website Dedicated to Union-Busting

The media giant created a glossy, misinformation-packed microsite devoted to persuading its employees not to unionize.
Anna Merlan