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climate change

Big Beef Says Eating More Meat Can Save the Planet. That's Bullshit.

Cattle farmers claim grass-fed beef can be carbon neutral. But less than 3 percent of cows are raised this way.
Anne Gaviola
4 days ago
personal finance

Should I Be Worried About a Recession Crashing the Economy?

What the worst stock-trading day of 2019 means for your bank account and why investors are freaking out about a recession.
Anne Gaviola
Quit Your Shitty Job

How to Quit Your Shitty Job and Become a Competitive Dancer

Meet Andrew "Pyro" Chung, a former factory worker and Costco cart collector turned street dancer and studio owner.
Anne Gaviola

Credit Card Minimum Payments Are a Trap Designed to Keep You in Debt

Choosing the path of least resistance can turn manageable credit card debt into a trap—for life.
Anne Gaviola

Climate Change Tourism Is Cashing In On Environmental Devastation

A travel company wants to take vacationers to places that are being wiped out by climate change, and critics say that's bad for the environment.
Anne Gaviola

How 'Slutever' Reunited Me With My Long-Lost Father Before He Died

Cyo Ray Nystrom's appearance on VICELAND led her to see her father for the first time in 24 years.
Anne Gaviola

Don’t Buy Into Beyoncé’s ‘22 Day’ Crash Diet, Even If She Is Beyoncé

We deserve better than encouragement to starve ourselves like Beyoncé did on her ultra-restrictive diet leading up to Coachella.
Anne Gaviola

The Gig Economy Screws Over Everyone But the Bosses

It keeps wages down and the majority of gig workers would prefer the security of a full-time job, a recent report says.
Anne Gaviola

Low-Income Workers Can’t Afford Rent in 91% of Canadian Cities

A new study shows how unaffordable this country has become as cities like Vancouver and Toronto are basically out of reach for anyone making less than $70,000.
Anne Gaviola

Canada Made Its Legal Weed Rules Too Tough and We're Going To Pay For It

Confusing rules around social media and advertising put licensed producers at a disadvantage against U.S. brands signing celebrities like Jay-Z.
Anne Gaviola
climate change

Glass Skyscrapers Have Turned Entire Cities Into Energy Vampires

Energy inefficient condos and office towers are the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions, but hey, developers love them.
Anne Gaviola

Living in Glorified Dorm Rooms Is the Future of Big City Housing

Priced out of single-bedroom apartments, young people in Canada and the U.S. are turning towards communal co-living.
Anne Gaviola