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Joel Embiid Had a Great Day of Sports (and Twitter)

The Sixers star took to Twitter with his thoughts on Wimbledon and, later, his Home Run Derby balls.
Caitlin Kelly
Title IX

Betsy DeVos Ignores Title IX’s 45th Anniversary

VICE Sports inquired with the Department of Education about what celebrations Betsy DeVos and the department might be planning for the anniversary. They provided no information.
Caitlin Kelly

Maria Sharapova Won't Get a French Open Wild Card

Sharapova needed an invite to compete in the French Open after returning to tennis from a 15-month ban for doping, but the French Tennis Federation said 'non.'
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bad sports metaphors

Sean Spicer Also Sucks at Sports Metaphors

"You play a game four quarters, you play an election until Election Day."
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sexual assault

Baylor Names First Female President in School History, Which Changes Nothing

Linda A. Livingston is the first woman to serve as president of Baylor University in the school's 142-year history—a history that has recently been shaped by scandal. Is a glass cliff waiting for her in Waco?
Caitlin Kelly

Tom Brady Jeopardizes U.S.-Mexico Relations, His Football Future to Make 'Tacos'

The New England Patriots quarterback​ posted photos of his "Beluga Lentil Tacos" to social media, and a nation weeps.
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matt garza birth control takes

Brewers Pitcher Has Thoughts on Birth Control No One Asked For

Matt Garza would like everyone, including 39-year-old award-winning actress Jessica Chastain, to please stop having sex unless it's for baby-making.
Caitlin Kelly

A Brief Open Letter to the Seahawks Fan Yelling "Waitress" at the Bills' Kathryn Smith

You probably don't read VICE Sports, but 2016 has been really strange so why not.
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San Francisco 49ers Release Bruce Miller After He Reportedly Punches 70-Year-Old Man in Face

The San Francisco 49ers announced the release of fullback Bruce Miller on Monday, following reports of his arrest on assault charges that morning.
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Ezekiel Elliott Steps into Pot Shop and Sure, Now Jerry Jones Cares About Optics

"It's not good. It's just not good. It's just not good," said Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who historically has had impeccable judgment.
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vice sports q&a

VICE Sports Q&A: Hannah Storm on Wimbledon and Powerful Women in Sports

ESPN's Hannah Storm talks about covering Wimbledon, Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, and how women are shaping the sports world in new and more powerful ways.
Caitlin Kelly

Happy Super Tuesday! Someone in Congress Feels Strongly About Joe Flacco

Make America elite again.
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