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Meet the Guy with the World’s Largest Collection of Soviet Bus Stop Photos

Chris is a photographer who got obsessed with bus stops in the former Soviet Union. He's put them together into the biggest collection of Soviet bus stop photos in the world, according to him. He's just launched a campaign on Kickstarter to put them...
Carly Learson

Why Do Young Australians Love the Monarchy So Much?

A whopping 60 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds favor remaining technically under the dominion of the queen of England. I talked to some of them to figure out why that was.
Carly Learson
The Fashion Issue 2014

Fashion Comes to the Outback

In April, the first-ever Australian Indigenous Fashion Week will be held in Sydney. It's the brainchild Krystal Perkins, a marketing executive who hopes to bring Aboriginal art to a wider audience and teach indigenous women and girls to become models
Carly Learson

Australia Has Declared War On Sharks

There have been seven fatal shark attacks in Western Australia over the past three years. It's a consistent increase on previous years—a 100 percent increase no less (two, rather than one per year)—and a lot of people reckon something needs to be done.
Carly Learson

Being Racist Could Get Easier in Australia

Why does the attorney general want to change their Racial Discrimination Act?
Carly Learson
The What Da Fug You Lookin’ At Issue

This Machine Frees Oppressed Chickens

Say you’re an animal rights activist—one of the militant-militant vegans, the ones who smear pig blood all over their bodies and launch themselves at scientists walking into testing labs. You hate pretty much all farms, and you especially hate farms...
Carly Learson

Is the Chinese Government Spying on us Through the Internet?

Huawei is the largest telecom equipment maker in the world, able to roll out broadband quicker and cheaper than anyone else. However, sometimes things are cheap because there's something a bit off about them. Now the Coalition wants to let them bid on...
Carly Learson

Beating the Kony Baloney

Jason Russell was probably masturbating while we were attempting to interview him.
Carly Learson