Cathryn Virginia


In the 2010s, America Forgot It Was Terrified of Socialism

This was the decade the far left moved from the streets into office buildings.
Zeeshan Aleem
oral histories

The Real Story Behind the Iconic Ode to Oral Sex, "Put It In Your Mouth"

How the raunchy 1996 duet from neighborhood friends Kia Jeffries and Akinyele Adams came to be.
Soheil Rezayazdi

Straight Men Are Part of The Trans Community

It might be unsettling to imagine cis men as any part of the trans community. But here's why we should.
Diana Tourjée
climate change

Your Frequent Flyer Status Is Part of the Problem

If you take six or more flights a year, you're part of an elite class of people whose behavior needs to change.
Harry Cheadle
climate change

What It’s Like to Live in a City That's Slowly Drowning

Climate change is making New Orleans wetter, hotter, and more dangerous. It's a preview of what might happen to a state near you.
Michael Patrick Welch
sex work

Massage Parlors with 'Happy Endings' Give These Sex Workers a Decent Living

Often portrayed as hotbeds of human trafficking, workers, owners, and activists say these places can be a safe and reliable option for immigrants.
Hallie Lieberman

This Is Exactly What Will Happen After the Last Fish in the Ocean Dies

The devastation of the vast majority of the world's marine life is much closer than we think.
Mike Pearl
The Borders Issue 2019

The Last Places in Europe Where It’s Illegal to Get an Abortion

European microstates are some of the richest countries on the continent, but human rights, including abortion, are curtailed.
Sarah Souli
climate change

How to Radicalize Your Parents on Climate Change

It's possible to change someone's mind on climate change—if you're related to them.
Shayla Love

'I Lost Everything': The Obscene Cost of Being a Woman with a Chronic Health Problem

Medical debt hounds some people more than others.
Ivana Rihter

People Are Moving to Smaller Cities in Search of Affordable Houses That Don't Exist

Millennials are stuck renting in places they would never have chosen if not for the dream of owning a home.
Ankita Rao